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We get it.....Medicare is a beast of a topic. It can be a little intimidating. There are definitely more interesting things to do with your time than learn about Medicare. We want to work with you to cut out the extra clutter and confusion so you are able to move on knowing that you confidently selected the right plan. We will provide you with a blueprint to help with translation and give you a direction on what you need to do for your future benefits. Medicare is important and we want to simplify it for you so don't experience any unexpected headaches or bumps in the road. We are ready to help. We enjoy Medicare and hope to make it something more enjoyable for you. 

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Shelley Miller

store owner

As a little girl my heart just lit up around my grandparents. I gained such a respect for older adults and fell in love with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." Since graduating college my career path has always been in the field of aging. Early on I realized most people struggled with trying to understand and manage their Medicare. A goal of mine quickly became to learn and appreciate this program so I can better serve others. The subject of Medicare was barely talked about in school and resources about this topic were scarce. The more I learned and work with others I really began to enjoy Medicare. It might be one Federal program but it is never dull because like every individual Medicare is unique to each person. It is forever growing and changing.